Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tin Barn Vineyards - Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Spent an afternoon picking grapes and flowers over the weekend.  All that hard gardening work inspired me to open up a semi-rustically named cabernet.  I was looking for something to sip on the back deck while I watched the sun set and reflected on the day.  The Tin Barn Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 seemed the perfect choice.  I had purchased it just the week before, and it was a new label for me.

The Tin Barn Vineyards, based in the high country of northern Sonoma County, California, is a relatively new winery.  Established in 2000, it is run by two friends and is dedicated to the art of winemaking.  The Tin Barn Vineyards is a member of a local wine collective called the "Eighth Street Wineries", consisting of themselves and other artisan winemakers. 

This particular vintage was crushed and vinted in 2007, and just released this month (September, 2011), so I was pleased to be one of the first to try it outside of California.  There were only 281 cases produced.   The wine was aged 16 months in 25% new French oak barrels and has a high alcohol content.

The label itself is unassuming.  It doesn't scream "buy me, I'm cool", instead it spoke in a clear voice that said "try me, I'm good".  For once, the label was telling the truth.  Expect to pay $16-$25 for a bottle, depending on your local distributor.

The simplicity of the label belies the complexity of the wine.  It has a concentrated blend of clove, licorice and chocolate at first sip.  Then you get a little bit of cigar box and leather.  It's really quite tasty and rich.  The finish is smooth and silky, with a  hint of pepper and oak.

Tin Barn's 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon would be a lovely wine to give as a gift to someone, share over steak or hearty pasta, or just sip on your back deck while you watch the sun set.

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