Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fly the Friendly Skies

Whether you fly the friendly skies (with United) or go with Delta, because "they're ready when you are", there is no denying that airline food has moved up the food chain since the 1970's.  (Airline trivia from 1970's:  In 1970, the Boeing 747 made it's first commercial passenger trip to London.  Some other time in the 1970's I took my first airline trip to Orlando, Florida and experienced airline food for the first time.  I believe it was a cheese sandwich of sorts, cut triangularly into halves, and wrapped in cellophane.)

United Airlines established the first kitchens for preparing airline food n 1936.  By 1958, it had grown to such importance that Pan Am and several European airlines got into a legal dispute over whether or not certain airline sandwiches constituted a meal.  (In case it wasn't decided correctly, let me go ahead an render a verdict:  no, they do not.)

Kulula Airlines, a S. African airline company, had the good sense to refrain from sharing food during the in-country flight.  I did have a refreshing Coke Light though.

And so I will leave you with images of what several airlines consider a meal on overseas flights.

This was a not so delightful pork, rice and greens meal from United.  It included a cold sweet potato salad (to the best of my ability to identify that food product), fruit, a days-old roll and a processed brownie.

Moving on to S. Africa.... I appreciate that Delta incorporates food that appeals to the locals of the destination.  This meal included a warm pocket filled with some sketchy, but spicy meat product, cold couscous salad, fruit, water and a Milano cookie from Pepperidge Farms.  I made the mistake of eating the meat pocket.  The guts included curried potatoes and meat, with a strong serving of garlic.  Lived with it all day.  The couscous was very good.  I believe it included guava, which is a favorite fruit for many S. Africans.
Delta served this curried chicken dish on the return flight from Johannesburg, S. Africa to Atlanta, GA.  It was one of the few times I saw vegetables in  meal for more than a week!  The meal included grilled squash (which wasn't bad, considering), a semi-mash of curried chicken and rice, a salad consisting of two pieces of lettuce, two slices of cuke, and couple of shredded carrots.  You can also see the brownie and roll.  Have to admit, couldn't touch that brownie.

And yet, one more delightfully overcooked mash of food products from Delta.  This was from a flight to Germany, and included a chicken and rice product, hard roll, salad, and for a change of pace a blondie instead of a brownie.  The Sudoku was a "bonus".

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