Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chinese Food, Beijiing Style

Having recently returned from a business trip to Beijing, China, I thought I would share some photos with you.  Before I took off from my home airport in Cincinnati, one of the things on my mind was the food (imagine that!).  I've always wondered if the ethnic food we eat in the U.S. bears any resemblance to the home food of various countries.  Do Germans eat schnitzle?  Do Italians eat pizza?  Do Chinese people order Chinese food for takeout that comes in little fold-up boxes?  Do Mexicans really eat burritos as big as a chihauhau when they're in Mexico City, or is that something Chipotle made up just for us Americans?

I was about to get my first taste of "real" Chinese food, and I have to admit, I was pretty excited.  I know I like Hunan Chicken from the House of Hunan (down the street).  Would Beijing's Szechuan Chicken resemble the Szechuan Chicken I order from Pad Thai?  Real Chinese food - can't wait!  (I thought).

So this was my introduction to "real" Chinese food.  Delta Airlines' version.  The transcontinental menu they handed out on takeoff offered "American" and "Chinese" meals.  I thought I'd get a jump on the real Chinese food, so I ordered the Chinese dinner.  This pitiful meal is what arrived.  Romaine lettuce served with a slightly gingery dressing, whole wheat roll (not Chinese), fresh fruit (none native to China) and a delightfully disarming entree of rice, carrots, green beans and barbecue pork.  Ok, calling this a Chinese meal was a bit of a stretch, even for Delta Airlines.  I think if they had tv dinners in China, this would be it.  The Chinese fortune cookie was a nice touch though.

Nonetheless, I ate it.  And I was on my way to China.

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  1. I hope you will also post some pictures of the Chinese food you at in China and let us know how it is. Thank you for stopping by I appreciate your support. Enjoying your blog!