Friday, April 1, 2011

Cavit Wines: Number 1 Italian Wine in the U.S.

Now that statement surprised me. I've tasted my share of Cavit wines. A friend of mine is a regular in the Cavit Pinot Grigio aisle at the grocery store. I've tried their Pinot Grigio, their Cabernet Sauvignon and their Pinot Noir. But Cavit wines are not permanently stocked in my wine cabinet. Mostly because I've never been a big fan, just a so-so fan. And not for any particular reason. They're priced right, usually in the $7.50 to $9.99 range. They're not horrible. They just were never too memorable either. I've found many lovely wines in the same price range that appeal to my tastebuds more than the Cavit.

Perhaps one reason why they can claim they're the number one selling Italian wine in the U.S. is simply because they produce a wide range of moderate priced wines with modest tastes. Many people want to stick with safe and comfortable. There's nothing wrong with that. A lot of wine has been sold and consumed that tastes "safe and comfortable". And to some degree, when you're serving guests, you don't want to go too over the top for the casual wine drinker, so you would want a Cavit wine for that occasion.

But now Cavit is advertising their Pizza Contest on my blog and I'm feeling torn. The winner will win a trip to ITALY! How can I not LOVE Cavit wine? How can I not tell you all to rush right out and buy a case? And while you're at it, enter to win. Well, I just can't. But, since it's been several years since I've sipped a Cavit wine, I'm going to try them again.

I'm making a pledge. I promise to taste (or in the case of Cavit Wine, re-taste) the wine of any Winery that advertises on my blog and give you my thoughts. Tonight we're having fish for dinner. I think I'll try the Cavit Chardonnay. Check back later for my thoughts.


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