Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just One of Those Days

December.... cold weather, snow, special weekend get-togethers with friends and family. The holiday season is in full swing, and you may be expecting some festive, holiday-y wine information. And, it will be forthcoming, I promise. Just not today. Instead I offer thoughts, photos, comments, and holiday-appropriate toasts from other people who seem tohave enjoyed drinking wine. " May our wine tonight brighten our minds and strengthen our resolutions!" (recommended for New Year's Eve, or anytime you're thinking about the future and any changes in store...)
" Pour deep the rosy wine and drink a toast with me. Here's to three: wine, thee and cameraderie."

May we always have old wines, old friends and young cares.

"Here's to cold nights, warm friends, and a good drink to give them."

"I made wine out of raisins so I wouldn't have to wait for it to age." Stephen Wright

Here's to friendship, the wine of life. Let's drink of it, and to it."

Happy Holidays one and all.

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