Thursday, October 22, 2009

Echelon Pinot Noir, 2007 - Warm, Wet and Sexy

Have you ever casually caressed someone wearing velvet and felt a warm tingle go down your spine?  Whether it was from the anticipation of something you hoped might happen or just the sheer sensuous experience, a smile slightly broadened your face and your heart beat a little faster.  I can't say exactly that you'll have that reaction to this French Pinot Noir, but if you're a red wine fan, I'm confident you will enjoy this wine immensely. 

This evening I strayed from my typical California Cabernet and opened a mid-priced French red.  I remember when I saw it on the shelf I thought to myself, I haven't tried  a French wine in quite a while, let's see what they've got.  The Echelon Pinot Noir, 2007 vintage, was a very good (though serendipitous) choice.

First sip - a room temperature red wine with just an edge of coolness.  Evenings are getting cooler in Ohio, so room temperature tonight is about 66 degrees.  With that first taste I mostly feel smooth, sexy-tasting wine filled with strong black cherry and plum at first taste, but with a fine cinnamon spice following behind.    In the glass, the aroma is not strong or wine-y at all, it's very mellow and rich.  And the flavor resonates.  I think "mellow" is a good word to describe the overall wine, it's smooth, generous and would be wonderful with a meal, or on its own by the fireside.  This one's a keeper.

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