Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Breakfast in Remscheid, Germany

I have ventured out of my room to the hotel restaurant in search of two things:  breakfast and an electrical adapter.  The last time I was in Europe, I stayed at a hotel that had proper electricity.  But Germany runs on 220v and my curling iron runs on 120v, so I was in dire need of an adapter.  My hair was dry, thanks to the German-installed hair dryer, but the style..... well... it was "not so much".  "So very sorry" the innkeeper says.  Heavy sigh on my part, but at least a good breakfast is right around the corner.

As I sit in the restaurant, slowly stirring the cream into my coffe, I look cautiously around and realize..... I think I have taken someone's seat.  I thought the pot of coffee came with the table, quite efficient these Germans.  But no, I think someone else ordered it.  But (I say "But" again, though resolutely to myself) I have served myself some kaffee, and so the table is now mine.  The kaffee is in the cup, clear evidence that I belong to this table.  Unfortunately, I haven't figured out if this is self-serve or the waitress comes around with a menu (Denny's comes to mind in a horrible flashback).  Besides that, I am stuck to the chair in total mortification.

I demurely look around once more.  I believe the man whose table I took is seated one table over - enjoying his breakfast that he had planned to eat at this table.  Sans kaffee.

It's pleasant to sit and sip my kaffee, listening to conversations that I can't understand.  There is some English smattered through the quiet discussions, but it sounds mostly German.  Looking through my Berlitz German phrase book is not very helpful.  I can't really eavesdrop in true American fashion.  I suppose I could try to learn the language, but doubt that I'd have a mastery of it in time for lunch.

No waitress came over.  I watched the other patrons and realized (too late) that, just like other European hotels, breakfast was included.  One only had to haul one's arse to the other room to find a beautiful array of pastries, meats, cheeses and fruit juices.  Oh well, tomorrow, a real German breakfast with hot kaffee.  Today, ich habe hunger.


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